1- How will We Deliver Wellness package my order?

The cannabis products are sealed in a bag and then vacuum sealed again before they are placed inside another box.

2- How do I place an order?

Follow the steps outlined below to place an order at We Deliver Wellness:

1- Browse through the store.

2- Add items of your choice to the cart.

3- Check out in a one hundred per cent safe and secure manner.

4- Once you complete the payment, your order will have the shipping status. A tracking number will be assigned to your order, which will make it easier for you to track it.

5- Any orders for which payments aren’t made within 48 hours of booking will be cancelled with deep regret by We Deliver Wellness.

3- Is it possible for me to edit the details of my order? 

For editing/adding/cancelling your order, We Deliver Wellness advises you to place a new order which has the correct items added to the cart. Kindly send us an e-mail about this new order, and then we will cancel the previous order. In case your order hasn’t been processed yet, all that you have to do is just go to your system account and cancel it. Please note that any e-mails that are sent seeking edits or updates on an order must carry the order number in the subject line of the e-mail.

4- Are the pictures displayed on We Deliver Wellness’s page real?

All product images displayed on We Deliver Wellness’s website are authentic and are depictive of the product’s features. It is quite possible that you will see an update in these images from time to time.

5- Which regions do you ship to? 

Please indicate the regions where you ship your products. 

6- What payment options are available? 

Please add the acceptable modes of payment here. Payment instructions are provided with an order. Please note that an order goes into the processing stage only when the due amount for it has been received by the brand. Once the payment has been received, orders are delivered within 1-2 business days. At We Deliver Wellness, we are always looking to add more to our arsenal, so expect us to come up with more payment options in the future.

7- What happens in case I fail to send a payment for my order? 

Once a customer places an order, it is put on hold till the amount is received. The maximum hold duration for one order is 48 hours. Past 48 hours, all payment-less orders have been cancelled with great regret. A customer then has to place a new order. In the event of exceptional circumstances where you might be facing a transaction issue, please get in touch with our customer support department. We will be more than happy to hold your order further 😊

8- What if I don’t get my package? 

Please get in contact with us immediately if you don’t receive your package within 2-3 days. We will make inquiries with the concerned authorities on your behalf. We apologize for any delays in advance if you are ordering from a region where packages of this nature are often lost, delayed or seized by the authorities.

9- Are signatures required on a package? 

All packages require a signature. If you don’t sign the package, then you lose the money-back guarantee option as a customer. All such customers must get in touch with us on this issue by scribbling an e-mail to us at (e-mail ID). 

10- How can I reach customer support? 

Please add the relevant contact details here.